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Kitchen Accessories


I love to cook. In fact, when I'm not in the wood shop, my second home is the kitchen. 


Nothing makes cooking more enjoyable than having the right tools. Just like in the shop, And using wooden utensils enhances your cooking experience.


I use every kitchen accessory featured on this page, and quite a few of them are the second, third or fourth modification, changes I made until I felt they were completely right. I know you will enjoy them as much as I do!


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Chef's Spurtles


This is by far the best all round kitchen utensil you'll ever use. The Chef's Spurtle will become your "go to" every time in the kitchen. How does it work? The straight bottom edge is used for scraping the sides of pots, while the small curve gets in the bottom corner. The larger front curve works inside frying pans and bowls, while the top curve is used to draining liquids from pots while keeping food inside. Best of all, the front is tapered for use as a spatula/flipper. It even fits inside soup and tomato paste cans for easy clean out. Because it is made of wood, it won't scratch your non-stick cookware. If you have more than one cook in the family, you'd better buy two! Available in maple, cherry and walnut.  

$10 each

You can download the instructions here!


Herb Strippers


Simple yet effective, these make stripping the leaves off basil, rosemary, thyme, etc. a breeze. With six different sized holes, just pick the one that matches the stem size of your herbs, and pull it through! 


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Pizza/Pie Lifters


Made from solid cherry, these are perfect for serving. We are proud to supply these lifters to Dillon's Woodfired Pizza in Midland and Zio's Italian Restaurant in Barrie 


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French Rolling Pins


These 16" rolling pins are favoured by chefs everywhere for their versatility and ease of use. With a 1 5/8" diameter and tapered ends, you can roll dough to perfection. Made of select hardwoods, they are not only functional, but attractive as well. You can also custom order pins to different lengths, diameters and tapers. Contact us for a quote!


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Oven rack sticks


At 15" long, these are used for pulling out/pushing in your hot oven racks. Excellent for avoiding those little crescent-shaped arm burns!


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Wooden Spoons


These 13" spoons are available in limited quantities and all are hand carved. Vastly superior to cheap, mass-produced wooden spoons, these are a pleasure to use. 


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Pasta Measures


When you need just the right amount of pasta, these measures are just the trick. Never worry again about cooking too much or too little! Plus they're way classier that those plastic ones. (PS - The hole at the top is for a half serving!)


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Even plastic spatulas can scratch your non-stick pans over time. These ones don't! All of our spatulas are designed to be durable and pass our rigorous "over-easy egg flip" test. (Because that's the way I like my eggs.)


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Cheese Knives


These hardwood knives are sharp enough to cut most of your favourite cheeses, and look great doing it! Made of select hardwoods, including maple, cherry, and walnut.

Cream Cheese/Butter Spreaders


These hand shaped spreaders make it easy to top bagels, toast and crackers with your fave spread. Available in select hardwoods.

$6 each

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Toaster Tongs


Crafted from maple and walnut, these tongs are great for getting that elusive breakfast out of the toaster, or you can even use them for serving. A built-in powerful rare earth magnet keeps them handy and ready to use. They're even long enough to flip bacon!




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Scottish Spurtles


Used in Scotland for centuries for stirring porridge or oatmeal, these stirrers are excellent for thick sauces, stews and hot cereals. The straight barrel goes right to the edge of the pot, and the round shape prevents forming lumps. You can stir quickly without the splash-up of a spoon. They are also excellent for stirring "fragile" food like boiling ravioli or pierogis. While simple looking, you really have to try one to appreciate it!




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Hot Pot Trivets


Here's a classy way to protect your table or counter from hot pots and casserole dishes. Functional and decorative, they look great no matter how you use them.


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Barbecue scrapers


18" long (keeping your hands well away from the hot bbq), and 3 1/2" wide, these scrapers are made from solid oak with a comfortable "T" handle. The perfect solution for getting rid of those nasty (and possibly dangerous) wire brushes.


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