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Small Furniture Repair

We live in a throwaway world. Sometimes, it costs more to repair an item than to replace it. That's if you can actually find someone that will still fix it.

Seeing this gap in the market, I began offering a repair service back in 2018. While we do NOT offering furniture stripping an refinishing (don't have the equipment or the room!) we can re-glue loose joints and even replace broken legs/arms etc. on chairs, small tables and other furniture pieces.

My philosophy is "fix it once,fix it right." I disassemble the piece (where possible), remove all the old glue, ensure the joints are strong, and reassemble using the highest quality glue available. If a part needs replacing, it is rebuilt and matched to the piece. All repairs are then colour matched and finished to make the repair as seamless as possible.

This service may not be as expensive as you think. I only charge for that actual time working on the repair, plus any supplies needed. Most chair reglues can be done for $25-$30, a LOT cheaper than replacement. This is especially true for any treasured furniture you want to keep for a long time. Rebuilds are priced by estimate only.

Tired of wiggly chairs and good furniture gather dust in the basement? Lets work together and keep those good pieces away from the curb and out of the landfill!

Some examples of our work:

Broken chair leg, seat removed, reinforced with dowels.


Loose joints, taken apart, old glue removed, new adhesive.

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