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Hurry up and slow down

Today was a feet up kind of day.

After last night's ice storm, the loss of power for 11 hours (and for another hour this morning, just as I was hitting the "on" button on the Keurig), nobody in the house felt like doing much.

For me, taking a break from the shop is a little bittersweet. I love woodworking, and I have a couple of cool projects on the go. But even I realize that sometimes everybody needs a break from their daily routine. That break can help you focus, give you some much needed rest, or give you time to do something else you enjoy.

Look - I know I'm preaching to the choir here. But for me, a break gives me time to think a bit about abstract things, and from there (if I'm lucky!) a new project can be born. I can check out some woodworking videos, update the Facebook page or look through some old magazines for project ideas. So basically, it’s a break from the actual woodworking.

So take a few minutes for yourself this weekend. Hurry up and get what you need to do done, and then take a much deserved rest. NO down time is ever wasted. Sure, I have preached to you my lofty goals of creating and planning, but I'll be honest...It will likely turn out to a bunch of naps and catching up on missed episodes of The Walking Dead.

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